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Needs and Opportunities

Guiding growth and success through dynamic consulting solutions.

Strategic Advising — Tailored to You

Banking Brilliance, Community Comradery. We call it the double bottom line.

Combining our mission to amplify your financing and development opportunities, with your mission to aid underserved communities, we forge powerful partnerships that drive meaningful change.

Our collaborative approach begins by assessing your current position and strategically aligning our expertise with your goals and aspirations.

Enjoy increased profitability while also serving your local area in the best way possible.

Explore our services:

Certification Support

Achieve CDFI Certification with the support of our highly-experienced consultants.

Grant Services

Secure funding for community initiatives with ease thanks to our industry-specific knowledge.

Compliance & Impact Reporting

Ensure stress-free compliance with custom reporting services dedicated to your unique requirements.

Who Do We Work With?

At Logue Advisory Group, our vast expertise and personalized consultancy services are designed to cater to a diverse range of clients across the community banking sectors.

With a focus on comprehensive and accessible support, we work with financial institutions dedicated to promoting positive change within their communities, while also wanting to advance their own operations.

Our mission is to support assist our clients in their efforts to drive support community-driven economic growth and position themselves as industry leaders in their communities and in the financial services industry.

Aligning your financial success with community spirit

Our achievements go further, so you can too.

Proven access to funds

  • We’ve facilitated over $350 million in funding
100% certification success

  • Our consultants have never let a client down.
High customer retention rates

  • We forge long-term relationships with our clients.

Meet your CDFI consultancy team

A multidisciplinary team with a dynamic reach.

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