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Tackling the intricate landscape of CDFI compliance reporting can be overwhelming. We handle the compliance complexities on your behalf, leaving you to focus on your primary mission and core operations.

From the initial preparation stages to the final submission – across programs and for the duration of the reporting period – we ensure that your organization meets all the required standards.

CDFI Certification Compliance

In 2016, the CDFI Fund introduced a mandatory Annual Certification and Data Collection Report (ACR) for all certified Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs).

The ACR evaluates compliance with certification rules. It requires we assess and report on any changes to criteria supporting your CDFI certification, as well as some additional organizational, financial, and miscellaneous data. The CDFI Fund will use this report to monitor your compliance with certification criteria and to collect data to gain greater insight on the CDFI industry and community impact.

Our team will expertly guide you through this process, ensuring timely submission and safeguarding your certification status.

BEA Award Compliance

Bank Enterprise Award (BEA) recipients are community investors and must prove that awards received are redeployed in accordance with the terms of their award agreement.

We take a strategic approach in preparing and filing a Use of BEA report to prove your investments align with BEA-eligible investment areas while maximizing future awards.

CDFI Program Compliance

Compliance with CDFI Program Financial Assistance (FA) and Technical Assistance (TA) awards demands careful attention to detail.

As we track your progress in meeting the Performance Goals & Measures outlined in the assistance agreement, our team will communicate with your staff to ensure you remain on track and in compliance.

In addition to the Uses of Award report, we will timely file your Performance Progress Report each year of the three-year reporting period, and other compliance reporting as required.

Small Dollar Loan (SDL) Program Compliance

The SDL Program has a three-year performance period, with goals based on small dollar product lending. Annually, SDLP recipients are required to submit a Uses of Award report as well as a Performance Progress Report. Because of the attention required, our team will work to ensure the Uses of Award report is compliant and all additional reporting is submitted timely to ensure your ongoing compliance with the CDFI Fund

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CDFI compliance reporting?

CDFI compliance reporting involves submitting essential information and data to the CDFI Fund to demonstrate adherence to certification criteria and grant agreement terms. 

This is important for ensuring your organization maintains its certification status and funding eligibility.

Why is compliance reporting important for CDFIs?

Compliance reporting is crucial as it demonstrates your commitment to fulfilling the requirements set by the CDFI Fund. 

It also showcases your organization’s dedication to supporting underserved communities and maintaining transparency across your financial operations.

How does your team assist with CDFI compliance reporting?

Our team provides comprehensive support throughout the compliance cycle. 

We can guide you through the entire process, helping you gather and organize the necessary data, and ensuring accurate and timely submission of compliance reports.

This helps reduce administrative red tape for your organization and free up valuable resources to invest elsewhere.

What are the consequences of non-compliance with CDFI reporting requirements?

Non-compliance can result in the loss of CDFI certification status and funding eligibility. 

Organizations failing to submit required reports may also face sanctions and potentially hinder their ability to make a positive impact in underserved communities.

How can your services optimize BEA award compliance?

Our strategic approach maximizes the value of the Bank Enterprise Award (BEA) by ensuring accurate “Use of BEA Program Award Reports.” 

We can also collaborate with you to uncover potential for further funding opportunities and position your organization as an industry leader.

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